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October 21, 2019


Title: Eight months and our eight greatest moments

As WYSP turns eight months old, the company has grown to 23 people and Chief Strategy Officer, Abygale Lund shared the eight milestones from a whirlwind Summer.

1. Mikroscope welcomes Kevin, a fourth year


February 20, 2019

For: Dicks & Politics

Title: Dicks & Politics gets Dudes! Announcing, "It's Bro Time!" and "Game Over."

Rounding out the voices of the hit Podcast Dicks & Politics, it was announced this morning that the show has welcomed a total of four men to the show.  They're the new faces of two brand new segments added to the show's lineup and the gentlemen are set to appear regularly with a chance to really show off their chops when they collaborate for an all male episode coming out on Wednesday March 6th, 2019.

The first segment is called, "It's Bro Time" which covers sports. Hosted by Mike, a Corporate Sales Exec for a famous New York Sports Team and Jonathan, owner of a Sports Academy and Assistant Coach of The Manhattanville Men's Ice Hockey Team, these two are well equipped to take on the task.


"It's an exciting time! I'm looking forward to teaming up with Mike to bring something I think listeners will enjoy. I've been listening to Dick & Politics since it premiered back in November and to be a part of the show is surreal. The women (and CorBen) did a fantastic job kicking off Season One and paving the way for the guys to come in and add to the content." - Jonathan.

"Jon and I are ready to stand out and be different. Everyone has that opinion and feeling about a hot button issue, or a debate. I want us to dig in, get down and dirty, all while adding some good ol' jocularity while we do it." - Mike

The second segment titled, "Game Over" features three hosts who will take on everything in the Video Game, Virtual Reality and Esports Worlds. This segment will be hosted by Stephen, a Marketing Exec and soon to be father based in London, United Kingdom and Ian,  a Marketing Director for a MLaaS Software Company and Cheif Data Officer at WYSP.

It's Bro Time premiers on Wednesday February 27th and Game Over premiers on Wednesday March 6th. Get to Know Jon, Ian and Mike now in Episode 14. You can listen by clicking here.

You can listen to Dicks & Politics on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Stitcher, Radio Public and more or at www.dicksandpolitics.com

February 6, 2019

For: Whatever You Say Productions

Title: WYSP goes Global and signs Aurora Trentin as The UK Correspondent

Whatever You Say Productions has officially gone Global! It was announced today that WYSP CEO, Samantha signed Ms. Aurora Trentin as The UK Correspondent for the podcast, Dicks & Politics.  Trentin was interviewed this week for an upcoming episode of Dicks & Politics where she spoke about Brexit and its impact on life in The UK.  Samantha was immediately impressed with Trentin and shortly after their interview ended, she offered Trentin a job.  Aurora is from Italy and after moving a lot as a child, she now resides in London where she works for a Mental Health Organization. 

"Talent is something you can refine and build upon but it's not something you can teach. Aurora is articulate, thoughtful and empathetic and I knew within two minutes of speaking with her that I wanted to hire her. When we started Dicks & Politics, it was with the hope that we could connect with other women around the world who were just like us - taking it all in and trying to navigate.  Aurora is precisely the type of woman we were hoping to find. She adds a level of worldly sophistication and confidence to our show and we're proud to have her voice representing our company. " - Samantha, CEO of Whatever You Say Productions.

Aurora will join the other hosts of Dicks & Politics regularly and her Brexit Interview is set to air on Wednesday February 13, 2019.  You can listen to Dicks & Politics on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Stitchter, Radio Public and more or at www.dicksandpolitics.com

February 1, 2019

For: Whatever You Say Productions

Title: WYSP signs Modern Family's Dana Powell as a Co-Host on, "When I Knew."

After a month of secret negotiations kept tightly under wraps, Whatever You Say Productions proudly announced this morning on Instagram that Dana Powell has signed on for Season One of the popular podcast, "When I Knew" as a Co-Host.  The show is set to air on the first Friday of every month and will have a twelve episode run that premiers on Friday February 8, 2019. Dana is a mother, wife, comedienne and actress best known for her work on ABC's Modern Family, Comedy Central's Reno 911, Critics Choice and Peoples Choice Award Winning film, Bridesmaids, HBO's Veep, ABC's Suburagtory and CBS's Two Broke Girls.  


A proud Midwesterner turned Hollywood favorite, acting wasn't always something Dana has been passionate about.  With her heart on her sleeve, Dana was a shy kid and her mother forced her to audition for her high school musical as a way to come out of her shell.  Initially, Dana didn't make the cut so her mother encouraged her to return everyday and ask if anyone had dropped out of the cast.  Eventually, someone did drop out and the moment she stepped on stage, that was when she knew there was nothing else she wanted to do.


After falling in love with theater, Dana decided she wanted to pursue a career in the arts.  Her parents were skeptical so Dana paid her own way through school and continued to work on her craft until her big break with a role on Reno 911.  

When I Knew features Human Interest Interviews that explores the unique paths we choose or have had chosen for us.  Rather than the typical, "Poor you" approach rife with an intentional nudge to get viewers to feel sorry for the interviewee rather than deep diving into a solution, When I Knew takes the approach of; this is the hand you were dealt and you handled it. How? What's next?  "It's important for us to highlight strength of character and a resolution rather than focusing too much on the negative.  We're big believers in sitting in the shadow of a challenge, picking yourself up and finding a way to move forward." - Addriana, Co-Host of When I Knew. 


And they have a point. With a societal shift that is ready to accept and digest unpleasant truths, relate to it and shout commonalities from the rooftops, Media companies need to be mindful of the content they put out.  WYSP consistently focuses on offering a path forward on all of their shows rather than just making their audience feel sad.  "We want to start conversations and challenge people to be resilient while offering potential solutions." -Samantha, Co-Host. "A perfect example is  episode one of When I Knew when the hosts discussed a crippling and deadly addiction to Heroine with their first guest, Page. The hosts presented the facts in chronological order while sharing the unbridled truth and a strategy forward.  The conclusion was that this is a challenge Page will face every singe day for the rest of her life. But it's one she is glad to take on because she wants to thrive and here's how she is doing it."  "It's important to demonstrate that there is always hope and a path forward if you're willing to put in the work and find it." -Dana Powell, Co-Host of When I Knew


"Dana and I became fast friends during a stressful time of year for both of us.  We share a mutual love for the creative, animals and treating humans with empathy.  My entire team had such a wonderful experience welcoming Dana to episode nine of Dicks & Politics because she is thoughtful, self-aware and knock-out funny.  When Dana expressed interest in returning for another episode, I immediately switched gears because, and maybe it's the Sales Shark in me, but I wanted to pitch Dana on signing to WYSP as a co-host. She graciously agreed to listen to my pitch and we decided pretty quickly that, "When I Knew" would be the perfect side project for this busy Hollywood actress. When she officially confirmed she wanted to get involved, I hired an executive team to put behind the show and then built out a full staff to support each of our productions.  In a way, Dana made me a boss.  I went from managing two people to now ten and our team at WYSP is spread across The United States.  She brought me back to life and I am so grateful.  As warm as she is clever, we're proud and frankly, in awe and look forward to a terrific first season." -Samantha, CEO of WYSP


"When I Knew" airs the first Friday of the month on iTunes and Anchor FM.  WYSP is currently in negotiations with Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker and other leading platforms who currently broadcast their two other shows, "Dicks & Politics" and "Mikroscope."  There are two episodes of When I Knew streaming now and the first episode featuring Dana will be released on 2/8/2019.

January 15, 2019

For: Whatever You Say Productions

Title: WYSP picks up "When I Knew" and "Mikroscope" for one season

It was announced last night via Instagram (@whateveryousayproductions) that WYSP has officially picked up "When I Knew" and "Mikroscope" and is now producing them as their own shows.  Official plans went underway last week to shop the shows to the same platforms that picked up Dicks & Politics, where "When I Knew" and "Mikroscope" originated, and last night iTunes and Spotify were the first to raise their hands.

"We have found a missing link in the podcast world and that's why we've grown so quickly. I used to search high and low for other women like me who could discuss everything in a format that was self aware, fast paced, palatable and informed but who don't take themselves too seriously. It seems I wasn't the only one looking for this kind of content and we're not slowing down." -Samantha, Producer and Host of Dicks & Politics, When I Knew and Mikroscope. "Our followers are so loyal and they're stretched across the globe so this week, I hired Ian to oversee the analytics of WYSP.  As someone who works a nine to five in a senior sales role for a MLaaS and AI company that is specifically for Social Listening and Text Analytics, I know that you simply cannot afford to let important insights slip through your fingers.  Ian will be tracking our audience engagement, VOC and retention rates across all streaming and social media platforms to help us better target our core audiences."

WYSP teased another big announcement regarding a potential new host joining the company but there is no word on whom that person will be.



January 10, 2019

For: Whatever You Say Productions

Title: Whatever You Say Productions announces a new  Head of PR and Digital Strategy

This afternoon, Whatever You Say Productions CEO, Samantha announced that she has named Abby as Head of PR & Digital Strategy .  Abby joins the all female executive team with ten years of experience in PR and Business Development for a number of notable non-profit organizations.  Additionally, Abby has owned and operated a small business of her own since 2016. 

"Abby and I have had very similar career paths and it's been a pleasure to run parallel to her as we developed our professional skill sets.  Abby is probably the only person in the world that can calm me down in under 60 seconds and I'm thrilled she accepted our offer to join the team." Samantha, CEO of Whatever You Say Productions.

"Our podcast blew up overnight.  We were all in bed when our phones started buzzing and that's when we discovered we had been picked up by five more major broadcasting platforms. That combined with our celebrity interviews and growing following,  I called Samantha  and we both agreed we needed to build out our team and start delegating responsibilities to other people. We both have full time jobs and this podcast is another full time job. Abby was the most natural fit for the role and our number one choice - We're so glad she said, "Yes!"  And we're delighted to welcome her to the executive team." Addriana, COO of Whatever You Say Productions.

In future, any and all media and press inquiries can be emailed to Abby at AbbWYSP@gmail.com.

January 5, 2019

For: Whatever You Say Productions

Title: Dicks & Politics is Picked up by Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Radio Public, Breaker


Whatever You Say Productions is proud to announce that their flagship production, Dicks & Politics, has now been picked up by seven major streaming services. In November and December of 2018, thousands of listeners would tune in on Anchor.fm and iTunes every Wednesday. The hosts decided from the start to implement an aggressive organic marketing and brand awareness initiative where they interacted with almost every Instagram user that was following their account and liking their content. 

"You really start to play with fire and mess with numbers when you pay for followers and likes which is what a number of companies and influencers do when they start an Instagram account." - Addriana, Editor in Chief at Dicks & Politics. "The trouble with this is that there are millions of accounts that are not actual people but AI controlled  accounts that automatically "like" and engage with anyone who posts something publicly with a keyword like, '"Shoes." Instagram has been proactive about eliminating bot accounts so that their discovery feature and paid advertisements will be more accurately targeted, but they haven't perfected this so we decided that good old fashioned elbow grease and taking the time to actually interact with our followers would be the best strategy."

The hosts of Dicks & Politics had the right idea because their listeners and followers were high enough in numbers to catch the eye of Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Radio Public, and Breaker. These partnerships will elevate the brand from thousands of listeners to millions. With fresh, unfiltered, and digestible content, this podcast has a clear path forward which listeners are eager to follow.

You can catch new episodes every Wednesday on these platforms and go to www.dicksandpolitics.com to learn more.

January 3, 2019

For: Whatever You Say Productions

Title: CorBen Williams Signs a Talent Contract With Whatever You Say Productions


Please join us in welcoming CorBen Williams to the Talent ranking of Whatever You Say Productions. A talented actor, singer and dancer and graduate of The New York Film Academy with a double major in Musical Theater and Acting for Film, CorBen lives in New York City and recently starred in, “Sister Act” at The Westchester Broadway Theater. In 2017 CorBen was a principal cast member on Disney Cruises.


When asked why he chose this path, CorBen said, “I get to see the world through other people’s eyes.” CorBen will be joining the hosts of Dicks & Politics as a guest-host. The podcast airs every Wednesday and is currently streaming on iTunes, Anchor.fm,  and www.dicksandpolitics.com


“Signing CorBen was the easiest and first decision of 2019. He is articulate, thoughtful and honest with impeccable comedic timing. CorBen also makes a great reporter because he truly puts in the time and research to be sure he has the facts. A dear friend of mine with whom I’m very excited to add a professional/personal dynamic, it is so fitting that CorBen is the first talented personality I sign to my production company.”  - Samantha, CEO of Whatever You Say Productions, LLC.

“CorBen has quickly become a fan favorite and it’s no secret we love him too.” - Hannah, Communications Manager at Dicks & Politics.

“The more opinions, the better! We love having CorBen join us for select episodes to add a little spice to our segments.” - Addriana, Editor in Chief at Dicks & Politics

December 30, 2018

For: Dicks & Politics

Title: Dicks & Politics welcomes Dana Powell to Episode Nine

In an episode titled, "Modern Dicks" which will be released on January 16, 2019, the hosts of Dicks & Politics are set to welcome comedienne and actress, Dana Powell to the studio.  Dana is best known for her work in the 2012 Critics Choice Award for Best Comedy,"Bridesmaids" and ABC's award winning show, "Modern family" where she plays Pam Tucker.

A wife and mother of one child, two cats, one dog and a lizard, Dana will discuss working on some of the most iconic shows and films of our generation and participate in the weekly segments of the show.

"I posted a clip of Dana from "Modern Family" that I made into a meme and tagged her in it. A couple hours later she liked the post and commented on it  and I thought, 'This is my chance. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' So I private messaged  Dana with trembling fingers and asked if she would ever consider joining us for an interview. When she agreed to not only be interviewed but participate as a Co-Host, I think I screamed loud enough for all of Manhattan to hear. We are beyond excited to have Dana on the show and will do our best to keep our cool and produce a great episode." - Samantha, Producer and Head Writer of Dicks & Politics.

You can watch Dana's acting reel by clicking here.

December 20, 2018

For: Dicks & Politics

Title: Dicks & Politics welcomes Daryn Carp to Episode Eight

In a 90's throwback episode set to air on January 9, 2018, Bravo's Daryn Carp will join the hosts for a walk down memory lane.  Daryn hosts the popular podcast produced by Oxygen®, "Martinis and Murder" alongside her hilarious co-host, John Thrasher.  Daryn is also Andy Cohen's assistant, Chief of staff of Andy's production company Most Talkative, she just filmed a national commercial for Autotrader and she's a regular on WWHL (Watch What Happens Live, Bravo®).

"A walk down memory lane that will take listeners through their favorite TV shows and films, fashion, makeup and more from the 90's, we can't wait to record with this podcast pro." - Samantha, Producer & Head Writer of Dicks & Politics

"I'm in! I can record from three to five and you can pay me in food." - Daryn

Editor's note: Daryn and Samantha are best friends so it comes as only a small shock that Daryn has generously agreed to be the first celebrity co-host if it means Samantha will stop texting her rhetorical questions at three in the morning that she then answers herself.



December 15, 2018

For: Dicks & Politics

Title: Dicks & Politics announces a quarterly episode, "Mikroscope"


Crusaders for the health of our planet, the hosts of Dicks & Politics announced on December 15, 2018 that they are releasing a quarterly episode called, "Mikroscope" which will discuss climate change with friend of the podcast, Mike.  Mike is working on his PhD. in microbiology and his thesis is on how microbes affect Climate Change.


"The Scientific Community needs to figure out to a way to speak to the public without overwhelming them. I need to work on that myself." - Mike

"I sprung this on Mike on evening after a night out on the town and I am so thrilled he agreed! There is so much information out there now that can be hard for people to sift through it and know fact from fiction. We want Dicks & Politics to be a place where listeners know they're getting the right information in digestible segments So that they can form their own opinions." - Samantha, Producer & Head Writer oF Dicks & Politics

Mikroscope will air on a quarterly basis and it set to premier on December 26, 2018.

Updated: 12.26.2018

You can listen to episode one of Mikroscope by clicking here

November 16, 2018

For: Dicks & Politics

Title: New York City's most Eligible and Enviable bachelors flock to Dicks & Politics for anonymous interviews

Dicks & Politics Producer, Samantha announced a new segment today called, "End Game." The segment will feature 100% anonymous interviews with some of New York City's most eligible bachelor's to discuss their experience with dating.

During a live stream on the Dicks & Politics Instagram (@dicksandpolitics) Samantha stated, "There are major cultural shifts that need to take place in the dating world of New York City and it takes two to tango. We have tons of women who openly share their experiences but what do men think of all of of this? We want to know so we'll be asking these gentlemen, all of whom have signed confidentiality agreements, what they are looking for versus what they're actually finding and what dating culture shifts, if any, they're looking to make a reality."

"We can't keep having a one sided dialogue about dating. It's 2018! Let's hear what the men who really want it have to say about love." - Hannah, Co-host of Dicks & Politics

"End Game" is featured throughout episodes of Dicks & Politics as indicated in the podcast's episode descriptions released each Wednesday.

November 15, 2018

For: Dicks & Politics

Title: Dicks and Politics announces their first Special Edition Episode, "When I knew."

Today, producer and head writer of Dicks and Politics, Samantha announced the show will release a special edition episode once a month in tandem with their weekly episodes which come out Wednesdays.  The new feature called, "When I knew" features exclusive and intimate interviews with listeners who have overcome tremendous challenges in their lives and how they're pressing forward changed and stronger.

"We laugh a lot on our podcast but our main goal is to be conversation starters. Life is complex and messy and it's the moments that test us that ultimately change us and i'm interested to see what happens when our challenges change us for the better, even though they seemed to only bring darkness at the time." Says Samantha.

The first episode of, "When I knew" is set to air on November 21, 2018 and features an explicit and PG -13 rated interview with Page, a friend of the podcast and heroine addict and alcoholic who will be celebrating three years of sobriety with zero relapses this coming February 2019.

"While this episode is explicit and contains upsetting topics," says Addriana, Editor in Chief and Co-host of Dicks & Politics, "We do hope our listeners will approach the episode with an open mind."

Updated: November 21, 2018

You can listen to the first episode of "When I knew, I was an Addict" by clicking here

Updated: December 26, 2018

You can listening to the second episode of, "When I knew I had Cancer" by clicking here