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When I Knew I Had Been Sexually Assaulted

"I couldn't tell you what kind of car he drove. Or what time of year it was. Or what I was wearing. But I can tell you how he looked. I can tell you how he smelled and how he felt as he tried to enter me." It's been 40 years since Silvia was a college student who accepted a ride home from a trusted friend after a party. Her friend was young, attractive, charismatic and was dating one of her sorority sisters. He had just gotten a new apartment and asked if she would like to come in and see. Wrapping her coat around her, she exited the car and went inside where he took her from room to room, eventually entering the bedroom. In a blur, Silvia was naked and fighting off her attacker as confusion, fear, rage and terror coursed through her veins. In a moment of weakness, her attacker stumbled and she managed to throw him off of her, grab her clothes and run out into the darkness.

In the years that followed, Silvia told only her roommate about the assault but with time brushed it off as an attempt rather than a degree of assault. She married a few years later and shared the story with her husband before giving birth to their two daughters. Silvia had conversations with her girls about how people can behave and insisted they know how to protect themselves. Silvia kept a keen eye and has an open door policy with her girls. She and her, now late, husband did everything a parent can to protect their children from harm. But recently, Silvia's daughter was drugged, captured and gang raped by five men she didn't know and when she finally came to in a fury of pain and confusion, she grabbed her clothing and just like her mother before her; ran out into the night.

After months of watching The Kavaunuagh Trials, Silvia was in a rage over the treatment the media gave to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. It was maddening watch her protectors discredit her allegations because she couldn't remember specific details and yet swore she was violated. Just as an unfair verdict was on the horizon, Silvia learned of her daughters attack and her world came crashing down.

In this powerful and raw interview by Modern Family's Dana Powell and WYSP CEO, Samantha, the three women discuss the feelings and processes by which one recovers from assault and offer listeners a fresh perspective on why some people wait for years before coming forward, how to find help locally and for free and what the friends, colleagues and family members of victims can do to show their support for the people in their lives that matter to them. To learn more about how you can receive free, confidential help local to you, go to www.rainn.org. To learn more about this and other shows by WYSP, join us at www.wheniknewpodcast.com

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