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When I Knew I am Transgender

Jason is one of three natural born identical triplet girls born in 1985 to a loving family in Wisconsin. All of the girls had their labels: The girly one, the smart one and the Tom Boy. Jason, who was given the name, "Theresa" hated being called a Tom Boy. At first he thought it was because it was insulting to say a girl could have such masculine qualities, but now in his 30's he realizes it was because the label dug at something he knew to be true as early as five but didn't realize until he was 31. In high school and college, Theresa pushed herself to wear feminine clothes, make up and keep her beautiful brown hair long.  The first step in her becoming who he truly is was realizing that she was attracted to women and came out as a lesbian at 25 years old. It was her last relationship that helped him realize that he struggled with gender identity and shortly thereafter, Theresa realized that he is Transgender. Becoming who you truly are can be celebrated with different things. For Jason, it meant hormone therapy to lower his voice and grow a beard, a sleek haircut (after a couple bad cuts) and changing his wardrobe. There were also conversations that needed to take place and in this episode, he and Samantha joke about how he hated when family and friends always used to comment on his masculine style when he was  a teen and yet once he started identifying as male he went from looking clueless to confident. Now Jason is ready to accept the ooh's and ahh's as they come! 

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