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What Time is it? IT'S BRO TIME!

This week Sam and Ian introduce the premier of “It’s Bro Time” our newest segment that’s all about sports. This week, hosts Mike and Jonathan discuss AB’s bold move, The Bengals hiring Lou Anarumo and the Iron Sheiks latest request. Be sure to follow @dicksandpolitics and @itsbrotimepodcast on Instagram. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe on iTunes!

Tune in as Sam and Ian discuss what’s new over at Whatever You Say Productions. We’ve added a new host and we’re excited about next week’s premier of “Game Over” as well as the first ALL MALE episode of “Dicks and Politics”. Listen carefully for a little teaser of what you’ll hear on “Game Over” as well as a rundown on what’s coming up for the WYSP family.

Welcome to “It’s Bro Time!” the all new segment of “Dicks and Politics” hosted by Mike and Jonathan. Be sure to catch this exciting episode where they discuss how this segment came together and all that’s new in sports. Mike and Jon touch on thrilling subjects such as Antonio Brown leaving the Steelers via Twitter, how free agency and social media have changed the playing field of sports, how sponsors have changed the game, and more! Along with sports news, you’ll hear personal stories of Sam’s soccer days, which teams the hosts support, and how wrestling impacted their lives. They ask the important questions such as, “Should the Iron Sheik play himself in the new Hulk Hogan biopic?” and “Is a ten year, 300 million dollar contract a good idea?” You won’t want to miss this!

Check out this brand new segment on this week’s episode of “Dicks and Politics” on