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The Wall, The Grammys & Two Guest Hosts with Two Big Announcements PLUS a Bonus End Game

In this episode of Dicks & Politics, you’ll meet the new Co-Hosts of, “It’s Bro Time!” Our newest segment dedicated to sports. You’ll also meet Ian, one of three of the Co-Hosts for our other new segment, “Game Over” which covers Video Games and Esports. Samantha and CorBen also discuss The Wall and The Grammys and the episode ends with our first ever “End Game” interview recorded in person and exposed. The interviewee is one of the hosts of “It’s Bro Time!”

You won’t want to miss hearing Samantha and CorBen discuss the National Emergency to fund The Wall along with sharing their views regarding interviews with Trump supporters face to face with immigrants. Be sure to stay tuned as they discuss The Grammys and whether or not it’s the right place for celebrities to spread their messages.

Meet Jon, one of Dicks and Politics newest hosts. Next Wednesday we air our newest segment, “It’s Bro Time!” all about the athletic lifestyle. Listen as Jon, a lifelong Rams fan raised in NYC, and Mike discuss a range of sports. MLB Spring Training, men’s college basketball, and the NFL draft are just a few of the upcoming topics they’ll discuss. If sports aren’t your thing meet Ian, who will be co-hosting “Game Over” with Will and Stephen. In this brand new segment, debuting on March 6th, Ian and his co-hosts will explore the world of video games and Esports. Ian, personally, started his video game career with the original Nintendo and progressed to the Playstation. Tune in to hear what games he grew up on and what games he plays today.

In this episode of Dicks and Politics we have our first ever live recorded interview with WYSP’s own Mike Kitlas. Mike is a New York City native and a true gentleman. In this segment he talks about where he’s at in the dating world, what kind of woman he’s looking for, what he’s run into dating today, and how the Me Too movement affected his dating life and friend circles. If you want a confident gentleman’s view on dating be sure to catch “End Game.”

This jam packed episode of Dicks and Politics offers up something for everyone with talk of YouTube documentaries, Arianna Grande and other celebrities, sports, video games, and dating in the city. Tune in for lots of laughs, real life politics, and interviews with three great guys! Rate and review us on iTunes and follow @dicksandpolitics on Instagram and Facebook.

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