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How Should We Design Climate Change Education?

We kick this week’s episode of “Mikroscope” off with a congratulations to Mike for recreating the metagenomics of specific bacteria in the Amazon!! What this means is that he was able to reconstruct the genomes or “directions” of these bacteria. Next up we dive straight into the psychology of climate change. Sam and Mike discuss the relationship between personal experience and a belief in or understanding of climate change. Unfortunately most Americans don’t believe that climate change is currently happening. Our hosts delve into why that might be by talking about belief certainty, which is understanding that something WILL happen, as well as preconceived beliefs vs personal experience. They get into how living in different regions of the country can affect your belief certainty due to climate change drastically affecting certain areas more than others. Finally they get into how YOU can make a change, specifically by listening to podcasts, following Instagram pages such as National Geographic, and reading publications such as The Week.

While majority of Americans have an understanding of the reality climate change has on the health and well being of our nation, engagement by said group is disproportionately carried out by the few. In order to shift this in the opposite direction we need to understand factors that play a role climate change believe ability. Join us as we discuss a study that looked at personal experience or preconceived notions as two possible drivers that shape Americans believability and action toward climate action.

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