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The End of The Avengers and Dicks & Politics


In this episode, the two founding hosts are joined by Kitlas and CorBen to bid farewell to an era...BUT NOT IN THE WAY YOU THINK!

D&P has outgrown its original name and will come back for Season Three on May 15th as, “At The Newsstand.” We chose this name because as our show has grown, so have we, and while we originally focused our conversations around politics and dating, we now cover everything that’s happening in the world.

Join us for a rundown of The Kentucky Derby courtesy of, “It’s Bro Time.” Then, an overview of what’s been happening with Britney Spears and her conservatorship, a review of Taylor Swift‘s new single and what is going on allegedly, between Kate Middleton and Prince William. Finally, Steve from, “Game Over” returns for an, “End Game” review with Samantha.

This week we kick things off with CorBen and Kitlas on, “It’s Bro Time!” and they give us the full rundown of the Kentucky Derby, happening this Saturday, May 4th. Kitlas breaks down the technical aspect for us describing the importance of trainers such as Rich Mandella, and riders such as Mike Smith. Then he gives us his predictions for who the winner of the Derby and the Triple Crown might be; it’s either Omaha Beach or Maximum Security for Kitlas’ favorite. CorBen on the other hand gives us a rundown of the history, traditions, and fashions of the Kentucky Derby while asking important questions such as, “What determines the marketability of a horse?” Make sure you’re prepared for this fantastic race with this week’s, “It’s Bro Time.”

After, “It’s Bro Time” our hosts dive right into, “Hashtag, Hashtag” where they discuss the latest celebrity gossip. This week Samantha, Addriana, and CorBen dive into the latest involving Britney Spears. They discuss rumors concerning her mental health and conservatorship now that she is nearly 40. Next up, Taylor Swift and her newest single. According to our hosts this is not Taylor’s best work, although the video is stunning visually. All in all, she had a little too much hype for this single.

Finally, as Kate Middleton and Prince William reach their sixth wedding anniversary rumors arise over Prince William allegedly cheating on Kate with Kate’s best friend. Are these rumors true? Can we trust these “Royal insiders”? Only time will tell, although our hosts don’t shy away from giving their opinions on the subject and the subject of cheating in general.

To wrap up the show Samantha welcomes back Steven from, “Game Over” to discuss the latest box office hit, “Avengers: End Game” Be warned, this segment of, “End Game” contains spoilers! It’s also a great review and breakdown of the movie that you won’t want to miss!

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