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Sonic Fail & BlizzCon Bail

Ian and Kirk do the unthinkable - they let their Producer and Resident N00b, Samantha out of her "hole" to lead this episode. First up, the hosts discuss a talented group of individuals using AI to remaster video game graphics, only to be shut down by developers. Justified? Let's discuss it. Then it's on to BlizzCon which no one knows anything about other than all attendees will receive a "collectible statue."  Will there be a Darkmoon Faire? An exclusive mount? Only time will tell. Did you hear about the massive Sonic The Hedgehog Movie fail that has Paramount and SEGA scrambling? We'll give you a rundown. Then we round out the episode with why Samantha was hanging off the arm of a stranger. Only the best movie of all time could inspire such behavior! We finish up with a quick End Game review, sans spoilers and an update on Samantha's quest to become a notable Mobile Fornite Player from the comforts of her bathtub.

This week our hosts were Kirk and Ian with a surprise visit from the N00b herself, Samantha. They start things off with, 'Patch Notes' and the trend that has been making its way through the Reddit-sphere - AI Upscaling. What that is in laments terms is individuals are spending upwards of 200 hours - of their own time - using AI algorithms to update the graphics of classic games like Doom and Half-Life 2. These graphical updates are truly spectacular and we highly recommend you check them out in the subreddit /GameUpscale. Despite these passionate individuals dedicating so much of their time to update something they love, the big bad developers have come down several times to completely pull the rug out from under them and terminate the project.

Next up, the group discusses the recent bombshell from Blizzard Entertainment - the announcement of BlizzCon 2019 in November at the Anaheim Convention Center. The squad nearly passes out when they hear that tickets are ranging from $250-$750 per ticket - JUST THE TICKET! Of course, as the pricing gets higher, attendees to receive special perks like collectible horde and alliance characters, access to other VIP type events and other collectibles. But long story short - you won’t be seeing Kirk, Ian, or Sam there this year. Unless Blizzard would like to comp us of course!

We wrap up the episode with, ‘Screen Time’ with a major discussion about a certain blue spiked haired hedgehog. If you haven’t seen the trailer, it’s a must if you want to jump out of your skin. What have they done to a childhood classic? They turned him into a mutant hedgehog human hybrid! Ultimately the entire squad agreed that the director of the new Sonic movie made the right call by listening to the audience and fans and changing the design and look of Sonic the Hedgehog. But come on, what’s with all the re-makes? We all agreed that Hollywood can shake things up with some originality on screen.


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