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“Quick! Say something else before I pull out my flute again!”

With an intro that is a treat for the ears, Samantha, Abby and Aurora are here to breakdown what is happening in Sudan, the Easter Egg Taylor left on The Ellen Show, The Stanley Cup, Gottlieb and another senseless fight that broke out at NASCAR. It’s all here, At The Newsstand.

Samantha and Aurora are here with your world news in this segment of, “What’s Burning.” They start things off with talk of what’s happening in Sudan. First things first, you need to know the history; it all started with people wanting democracy and ousting the former President. When the country deposed it’s former leader the military stepped in for the interim. This has led to militias forming and killing, injuring, and raping hundreds of people. This is a hard topic to report on due to the savagery and the media blackout in Sudan, but Samantha and Aurora report on this in a very fitting manner. Both hosts are, of course, frustrated by this story as there’s no way to actually help, and the media blackout prevents us all from learning the full truth. With this story it’s impossible to not think about what it would be like in the country of Sudan and our hosts tackle that emotional subject with grace. If you want to help through monetary donations make sure it’s with a 501c3 corporation, meaning they are nonprofit and not for profit. The following site is a great resource to determine if a charity is legitimate. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesnonprofitcouncil/2018/09/24/seven-ways-to-vet-a-nonprofit-before-you-donate-your-money-or-time/#546dec2a4762

The following article is another great resource to investigate and to see how much of your donation is actually being spent on program activities.


Samantha and Abby get into it with this week’s, “Hashtag, Hashtag” by starting off with discussion of Taylor Swift’s newest song, “You Need to Calm Down.” They share their thoughts and feelings on her video and song, including the resolution of the Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud. Of course they have to discuss the Easter Egg dropped on “Ellen.” Then they move onto news from Brazil where they have officially criminalized homophobia! Brazil not only criminalized homophobia but Transphobia as well. The vote took six sessions and won with an 8-3 vote.

Kitas is out this week so Samantha and Abby tackle the world of sports in, “It’s Bro Time,” with Samantha attempting to impersonate Kitlas! First they get into the Bruins who just recently lost the Stanley Cup Playoffs to the St. Louis Blues in Game 7. For our hosts on this segment, this was an emotional defeat as they are North-Easterners. From there they get into the Warriors and Raptors in Basketball! But first, an explanation of how our American sports intermingle with Canadian sports for Samantha. Then a heartfelt message to Toronto after the shooting at the Raptor’s parade where two people were injured. The Raptor’s won the championship against the Warriors. From there they get into the Cavaliers getting a new assistant coach, a woman named Lindsay Gottlieb, with an impressive background in sports. She came from the University of California at Berkeley as the head coach. Of course when you discuss women in sports, you can’t not talk about the UConn Huskies Women’s Basketball team. Finally, they get into the recent NASCAR drama. During the Truck series, there was a minor hit between Austin Hill and Johnny Sauter. After the hit, Johnny Sauter slammed Austin Hill into the wall. Due to this being intentional Johnny Sauter was parked by NASCAR for the rest of the race. His long term repercussions have yet to be determined, although our hosts speculate on what may happen.

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