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This week we start things off with, “Push X to Start” where the guys and Sarah get into what new games they’ve been playing. Sarah tells us all about how Bioshock is too scary and Kirk tells us more about why he loves Dota2!

Then we get into, “Best of 3” and discuss all things esports and competitive gaming. All the hosts relive their glory days as competitive gamers and then get into what esports are coming up with League of Legends and Rocket League.

Finally, we finish it off with, “Free for All,” where Sarah makes the best Game of Throne prediction despite never having seen the show. Hint, THE DRAGON WINS. From there they wrap up the show with more tv talk and tying those shows into video games!

WYSP is a female owned and operated company out of NYC that produces each show with the collective mindset that everyone should be included in the conversation.Discover more at www.whateveryousayproductions.com/productions and @wyspllc on Instagram.


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