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No Rush Truck Twenty

This week we kick it off with Patch Notes and discuss Ubisoft's generous donation to one of the world's most beloved cathedrals - as well as how they are using the 3D mapping from Assassin's Creed Unity to assist in the restoration process.

Introducing No Rush 20 - the new segment where we talk everything and anything about those classic, nostalgic games we all played growing. And what better way to kick things off by going we back to the year 2002 and reminiscing about the epic Blizzard trilogy that is: Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo.

And finally we wrap it up with a surprise visit from one half of the n00bs with b00bs to give us an update on her rise to glory in iPhone Fortnite.

This week our hosts are Steve from Maryland, Kirk from Hoboken, and Ian from Hoboken. They kick off the show with their segment, “Patch Notes,” where they discuss the recent tragedy of the Notre Dame fire. How does this connect to gaming? The French Video Game Developer, Ubisoft has donated 500,000 pounds to the restoration of Notre Dame! Ubisoft is well known for developing the Assassin’s Creed game series, one of which takes place in Paris. Our guys discuss how the creative directors and art team have unmeasurable data and photographs of Notre Dame that will be used in the restoration as well. The gentlemen of Game Over wrap up this segment with teasers of PlayStation 5 which is all rumors and speculation at this stage.

Next up the hosts introduce a new segment, “No Rush Twenty.” Before we get into the segment let’s break down that title. No rush twenty refers to the first twenty minutes of a real time strategy game where no one attacks for twenty minutes and everyone builds up their “armies” however they can in whatever game they are playing. This segment is all about retro gaming and that feel of nostalgia. This week the hosts discuss the old games, Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo 2. It turns out Diablo 2 was Kirk’s first experience with cheating!

To round out the show the guys present their segment, “Free for All” where they discuss any and everything. This week they get into how they’re feeling about the show now that it’s three episodes in; then they throw it back to last week’s episode with more Game of Thrones’ predictions. Finally Samantha from “n00bs with b00bs” joins to discuss Fortnite, how toxic the game can be, and what it’s like playing with host Ian. This show proves there’s more to gaming than just gaming and you won’t want to miss this all new episode.

WYSP is a female owned and operated company out of NYC that produces each show with the collective mindset that everyone should be included in the conversation.

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