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Literature and Legislature

A man once said, “As we grow, so will our show” and CorBen was correct! We’re proud to announce that in addition to World News, Politics, Sports and Pop Culture, our new segments will cover Gaming & Tech, Fashion, Culture, Cuisine & Home, Arts & Leisure and Literature. This means we’ve got it all right here “At The Newsstand.” This week, we premier, “Lelly’s Library” with our new host, Lelly (Sam’s mom) and CorBen discussing, “Where the Crawdads Sing.” Then Sam and Addriana discuss gun legislation and explore potential boundaries and solutions. Tune in every Wednesday!

Samantha, Addriana, and CorBen welcome our new host, Lelly, Samantha’s mother, with a brief review of CorBen’s recent performance in “The Music Man” at the Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut. After announcing our new host we introduce our new segments! Our first new segment is, “Lelly’s Library” with a review of, “Where the Crawdads Sing.” Lelly gives us a thorough synopsis of this number one bestseller without spoilers! CorBen joins the conversation and gives us his take on this fantastic book. Next up, we get a review of, “The Library Book,” a wonderful telling of a fire in the 1980’s. The chemistry between Lelly and CorBen is something you don’t want to miss. Get your next read recommend here!

Next up is, “What’s Burning” with Samantha and Addriana to discuss the tragic shooting in Virginia Beach. They pay tribute to the victims and discuss the lack of motive for this crime. Next, they get into the politics of gun control. Samantha starts us off with her views on the Second Amendment. Her strict views are something most could get behind. Addriana then shares her similar views as well as her concerns for the future with hiring employees. They discuss the general lack of safety they fear in this world of mass shootings and how to find a sense of security.

WYSP is a female owned and operated company out of NYC that produces each show with the collective mindset that everyone should be included in the conversation. Discover more at www.whateveryousayproductions.com/productions and @wyspllc on Instagram.


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