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JNCO Jeans & Coco Jambo

The gang is here to say “goodbye” to “Dicks & Politics” before we appear to be more serious as we return for season three with our new name, “At The Newsstand.”

Aurora and Samantha welcome Ian and Kirk from, “Game Over” to walk down memory lane and talk about the clothing, music, movies and games from childhood that shaped us into the podcasters we are today.

To round out the episode Samantha, Aurora, Kirk, and Ian get into nostalgia in, “Hashtag, Hashtag.” The gang discusses everything old school, starting with their thoughts on the new Sonic movie; one thing’s for sure, they need to redo Sonic’s looks! Then they get into Disney remakes such as, “Aladdin”, “Jungle Book”, “The Lion King” and more. From there they get into what first cassette tape or CD they bought and what old school computer games they played. After that it’s all about the fashion faux pas of the ‘90’s and ‘00’s. You can’t forget about board games and scary movies! You don’t want to miss this trip down memory lane ending with an introspective with each host about how being on a podcast has affected them.

WYSP is a female owned and operated company out of NYC that produces each show with the collective mindset that everyone should be included in the conversation.

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