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Hey Now, That’s Showbiz!

It would appear that Drake’s obsession with Rihanna has ended and now he’s edging in on NBA coaches during games. The “It’s Bro Time” crew kicks off this episode with an NBA, NHL and NASCAR run down. Then CorBen takes us to the, “Arts & Leisure” section of the newspaper with a rundown of everything Broadway. Before you turn away, there’s more to theater than you think and there is serious money to be made. With opinions of the icons and flops and a moment to recognize our own flaws with signing, dancing and acting, this episode is a bit different than what we’ve done in the past and we’re here for it!

Abby and Kitlas start this week’s episode with, “It’s Bro Time” and all things sports. First up they get into the Indianapolis 500 and the other NASCAR this week. Along with a rundown of the two races they get into the basics of how NASCAR is scored as well as the mechanics of racing. Next up they get into basketball and the upcoming championships with the Warriors and the Raptors. Of course with discussion of the Raptors you have to bring up their number one celebrity fan, Drake. Are his antics too over the top? Abby and Kitlas sure think so! Finally the wrap it up with discussion of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues.

Samantha, Addriana, and CorBen then get into all things Broadway! We start this segment with CorBen giving us a rundown and history of hits and flop of Broadway. Samantha gives us the list of who’s who of Broadway writers such as Stephen Sondheim, Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. After the rundown of hits and flops of the past CorBen gives us his predictions for future hits and how he thinks some newer shows will do. From there Samantha and Corben give brief reviews of specific performances. Then we get a list of the touring shows and how long they tour until. Addriana wraps up this segment with advice on how to see a Broadway show in New York City for way less than full price.

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