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Game of Thrones

Welcome back to Dicks & Politics but this time, it’s after hours. You know what they say about legends: they never die and we just couldn’t and wouldn’t part with the show that started it all.  This is where anyone and everyone in any combination from Whatever You Say Productions comes together to discuss a topic of their choice. This show is unedited, unfiltered and unscripted. First up, it’s time to rip apart “Game of Thrones” which was a solid top three for hosts ,“Mikroscope” Mike, “Game Over” Ian and our Chief Strategy, Abby. But with a bullshit final season, the show slipped to barely scratching their top ten.  What would they have done differently? What are the most infuriating forgotten plot lines? It’s all here on, “Dicks & Politics After Hours.” Learn more at www.whateveryousayproductions.com

WYSP is a female owned and operated company out of NYC that produces each show with the collective mindset that everyone should be included in the conversation.

Discover more at www.whateveryousayproductions.com/productions and @wyspllc on Instagram.


  • Dicks & Politics | World news and events

  • It’s Bro Time on Dicks & Politics | Sports news

  • Mikroscope | Science...fast!

  • When I Knew | Human interest interviews co-hosted by Modern Family’s Dana Powell

  • Game Over | Gaming and Esport

Web series:

  • May I Have Your Attention? | Life advice for Gen Z

  • N00bs b00bs | Gamer Girls playing horrible and loving it