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Episode one: At the request of absolutely no one, here goes nothing!

It was six in the morning here in New York City when I woke up with a jolt. The sun was blazing through my bedroom window and I won't lie...I was excited to see what my phone had in store for me.

At midnight last night we released Season one Episode one of, "Dicks & Politics." It was like Christmas Even for us! Just after one a.m., we settled down in our group chat and drifted off to sleep anxious to see what the morning would bring.

As of last night, we had 50 followers on Instagram, three followers on Twitter and eight likes on Facebook...

That's a total of 61 followers, most of which are our friends.

This morning as I was squinting and swatting my water bottle out of the way, I unlocked my phone and was amazed! Eight new followers on Instagram, two new followers on Twitter and ten new likes on Facebook!

Make that 81 followers total!

Sure the numbers might not be impressive to you but to us, it means a lot and it confirms one thing: We're on to something. I mean come on, look at our humble beginnings. We can only go up from here, right?

Why on earth did we start a podcast? Who are we? What right do we have? It's pretty simple: We are passionate about creating and sharing fresh, unfiltered, relevant content that is digestible (easy to understand and share - not boring) straight from young women. We felt very strongly that women are complex, aware, curious, horny and funny and we wanted to find more people like and unlike us to start conversations.

The name of our podcast came from the two things we talk about most: Sex and Current Events and I felt the title was glib, easy to remember and luckily it rhymes. Using my phone, I made the logos and "composed" all of our music because we have zero rights and zero partnerships right now. Addriana dusted off her recording gear and started on the website and Hannah downloaded every app imaginable to prepare for any and all incoming messages.

You can get to know us individually here or by listening to our podcast. We're coming out with new content every Wednesday and this week we do quick intros, discuss the midterm elections, ask why men never have condoms and trade our best money saving tips.

Episode One Links

California Wildfires: With a heavy heart, we addressed the horrible wildfires in California and wanted to share this article by The NY Times that gives you an overview with direct links to organizations you can donate to if you're looking to help.

Toy Story 4: This is not a hallucination! Toy Story 4 is set to hit theaters in the Summer of 2019 and we are living for this. Check out the trailer below.

The Orange Years: As if we weren't already sweating, we are so excited to share that there is a documentary about Nickelodeon in the 90's and it's coming out November 15th! You can check out the premier in NYC by clicking here and view the trailer below.

Know your status: Sexual health is important and we understand that managing it can be intimidating, confusing and foreign to some of our listeners. You can visit or call any Planned Parenthood for advice, to make appointment and to find other resources for staying on top of your health. I personally have been going to Planned Parenthood since I was a teenager and I still go now in my 30's. I've gotten so close to my local office that I bring them holiday cookies and address everyone by their first name - even my doctor, Elizabeth!

Next week on Episode Two We're going to get right into What's Burning? As we continue following the Governor's Race in Georgia. During WAIT!...I have a coupon! I am going to share my bomb Thanksgiving recipe that is cheap enough to make any night of the year. Full disclosure, I do it once a month because it's a crowd pleaser! Ask J - He always goes back for thirds and then I make him up a Tupperware to take home for the week. Then our veteran New Yorker Addriana will give you the inside scoop for navigating the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - When and how to get into the city, avoid the crowds and watch the parade without losing your cool. To round it out, Hannah will share her favorite recipes for Fall and Winter.

So...what are we? I'll talk about my five boyfriends, how they all know about each other and don't mind and what it's like managing the logistics of five grown men and two separate households in New York City. Hannah will update you on her current dating situation and Addriana will surprise you will something she won't even tell us about yet.

We're really looking forward to our Hashtag Hashtag segment about Pop Culture because going to discuss Demi Lovato's rumored comeback and how we feel about it. We hope you'll join us in giving a very warm and open minded welcome a special guest because my oldest and best friend, Page will be joining our podcast! Page is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who will be celebrating three years of sobriety on February 23rd. We're so grateful to have her join us and share some perspective on battling addiction, going into sober living and coming back into the world.

n our podcast we have six segments:

  • What's burning? Which is all about politics and current events

  • Hashtag Hashtag that covers pop culture

  • Bescuse you! Tackling modern manners and etiquette

  • WAIT! ...I have a coupon! Tips for saving money and staying on a budget

  • So...what are we? Which explores sex, dating, relationships and loveOMG MEEEE! Moments that made us laugh

  • What do you want to talk about on our next podcast? Drop us a line, slide into our DM's or email us at welovedicksandpolitics@gmail.com

Thank you to our early supporters and anyone dedicated enough to read this entire post. Talk to you Wednesday,