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Councils, Colleges and Consoles

In this exciting episode, we welcome back Addriana and Aurora to discuss the unease of Brexit. Aurora starts us off with information about the new deadline for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Is it April 12th or May 22nd? Aurora predicts a recession and Sam discusses the new world of a, “Gig Economy.” This segment of, “What’s Burning” is jam packed with important information for what's to come for The U.K. and how it impacts the Millennial generation looking to transition into the life their parents provided them, only to find that ideal doesn’t exist anymore.

On this segment of, “Hashtag Hashtag,” Sam, Addriana, and Aurora discuss the newest celebrity scandal of paying schools and coaches to get their children into universities and onto sports teams. They take a hard look at what this means to people who worked hard to hopefully earn a spot in university or on a team only to find their potential “spot” was taken by a kid whose parents paid their way in. Then, the hosts discuss whether or not the children and young adults should face repercussions due to their parents’ behavior. Finally, they delve into the deep topic of whether or not a college degree really matters in this job market.

The boys are back for a brand new segment of, “Game Over” and this time they’re playing The Price is Right! The guys jump right into it with the most popular consoles and how much they cost in today’s market. Next up, Ian and Stephen talk about which console is their favorite and why. Stay tuned because the guys talk about how they would build their dream console and their answers might surprise you. They finish off the episode with a discussion about Google’s new gaming system, “Stadia.” What is it, how does it work, and what could go wrong? All these and more are answered on this week’s episode of Dicks and Politics.

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