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CorBen Comes to Play

This week at the Funhouse Fifi is joined by WYSP’s very own, CorBen. Together they explore the funhouse and bond over similar past career experiences. They kick things off in Fifi’s Dance Studio to discuss Corben’s background with dance; he started dancing at 7 and has been professionally training since 10! CorBen gives us the 411 on his ballet lifestyle and how life led him down the path of theatre rather than concert dancing. Similarly, Fifi tells us about how she grew up in dance studios and intended to pursue concert dancing with a ballet troupe as well but life threw her a curveball in the form of a love for choreography which led, eventually, to becoming a drag performer. According to Fifi, drag is an art form for anyone to take part in and is a “gender performance for entertainment purposes.” With all this talk of drag and similar backgrounds the question comes up regarding CorBen in drag. While he has no desire to try drag he has done and continues to do heel dancing and heel choreography; this leads to a discussion of “Kinky Boots” and other shows with female impersonators. Both Fifi and CorBen have tried out for “Kinky Boots” at separate times so they graciously share their audition experiences with us.

Next up Fifi and CorBen travel to Fifi’s Naughty Nautical room to discuss their similar work history on cruise ships. CorBen has worked on a Disney cruise line, while Fifi has worked on a Carnival cruise line. Together they discuss the rules and regulations each company set down and how they differ between the companies. We find out that being a performer on a cruise ship is more than just singing and dancing on stage.

Photo by Stefan M Photography

Conversation then turns to the world of drag and drag queens; specifically how fame changes them. CorBen and Fifi discuss Todrick Hall’s supposed appropriation of drag culture and they get into all the drama that surrounds Yanis Marshall. Sam pops in for this conversation and all three of our hosts discuss how people like Yanis need to stay humble and our hosts hope that when they reach that level of fame they will remain humble and grounded. Of course to reach that level of fame you have to WORK! Fifi and CorBen are once again in sync with their thoughts on work ethic. They give us tips on how to maintain an upward trend while climbing the performance career ladder and share with us their upcoming projects.

To wrap up this tour of Fifi’s Funhouse we go into the Sauna to discuss hot topics. This week, the hottest topic is the new live action “Little Mermaid” movie. Our hosts get into the casting decisions first and foremost, beginning with talk of Ursula. Melissa McCarthy is rumored to be cast as the evil sea witch although our hosts would prefer a drag queen or someone of color. They give us a brief history of the fairytale that inspired Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” and we learn that Ursula was originally inspired by a drag queen, so why not cast a drag queen? Of course you can’t talk about the new “Little Mermaid” without discussing the recent confirmed casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel. Many people are upset because of her skin color, though our hosts prefer to judge based on performance rather than appearance; and our hosts have high hopes for Miss Bailey. All in all, you don’t want to miss this visit to Fifi’s Funhouse, where our guests always have fun.

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