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Classic WoW

This week the squad welcomes back our favorite UK Correspondent Bern who gives us a very special update before we dive back into the wide world of gaming. We kick things off Press X to Start and discuss some of the new games we have been checking out this month and offer up some recommendations of our own. After talking new real-time strategy games we took a deep breath and FINALLY touched upon World of Warcraft Classic. The beta was released a week ago and is already pulling 80-100k viewers on Twitch. Then, of course, it wouldn't be Game Over without us ending on Free-For-All and talking the series finale of Game of Thrones.

We start off with “No Rush 20”, where they discuss the newest sales and what games they’re interested in! Ian leaves us with no recommendation but news of his new PC so we should get some recommendations from him soon enough! Steve recommends “Dead by Daylight” and “No Man’s Sky.” Bern recommends “Mountain Blade” and “Banner Lord,” which may be coming out next year, despite it’s long development time. Of course “Game of Thrones” pops up as a mod in “Mountain Blade.” Sarah recommends “Sims 3” as it was a classic, but look out for the expansion money traps! Sarah gets into the differences between “Sims 3” and “Sims 4”.

Next up we get into “Patch Notes” where they discuss the removal of “Borderlands 3” from the Epic games store. From there they get into whether games should be exclusive to one store or one console and the gang agrees that exclusives are no good! Although this “Borderlands” news doesn’t affect most of our hosts who would play it on console. Then they get into the “World of Warcraft Classic Beta” and who this game will appeal to. They also discuss how it’s a completely closed beta and how the choosing of who gets to play the beta was elitist and very closed. Of course they dive into streaming and how it’s a great way to study trends by judging how many viewers a game or particular streamer has. They wrap up this segment by peer pressuring Steve and Sarah to play “World of Warcraft.”

To wrap up the episode they present “Free For All” and watch out, there’s “Game of Thrones” spoilers! Ian is not pleased with “Game of Thrones” and did not have high hopes for the season finale. According to him, even the actors were not happy with the season. Sarah’s bold prediction remains the same, despite her never seeing the show. Then they discuss the petition that circulated the internet where people are petitioning to have the season completely redone. As of recording the petition is at 984,000 signatures! Then they get into full on spoilers so listeners beware! Finally, Steve and Sarah give a strong recommendation for the show, “The Last Kingdom!”

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