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Brex-huh? Spring Training with Kitlas, Ian's hatred for VR Games, & Kirk makes his Game Over Debut!

On this jam packed episode, Aurora, Samantha and Page kick off the show with "What's Burning?" and update on the Brexit Vote. A warm welcome to Aurora who made her Dicks & Politics debut in February before being picked up by Whatever You Say Productions as a regular host and UK Correspondent. Aurora describes the frustrating atmosphere as UK citizens are left scratching their heads as Members of Parliament continue to reject Theresa May's deal as she flies off the Brussels to keep up the negotiations. Then, Page walks us through the horrific act of terror in New Zealand and the women of Dicks & Politics discuss gun control in The United States versus The UK and their hope for a regulated and safer tomorrow.

Mike Kitlas from, "It's Bro Time" is back! And this time he's pivoting away from straight sports and stripping it back to basics with the hopes that you'll like him more if he takes the time to explain things better rather than slapping you in the face with sports updates. Samantha and Mike quickly walk through the history of Major League Baseball, the rules, positions, baseball cards, how much MLB players make and the best players of all time. Sam, of course, finds a way to tie the MLB back to Dancing with The Stars with a reference to David Ross - one of her favorite contestants who competed with Lindsey Arnold and placed third in Season 24. And Kitlas sits patiently as Sam refers to the home plate as, "a dinner plate." You won't want to miss this hilarious take on America's Favorite Pastime. 

Rounding out the episode, we welcome Ian from, "Game Over" back to Dicks & Politics and this time, he's bringing a friend with him! Join us in welcoming Kirk as a new, regular host of the hit show which is set to premier Season One on Thursday April 11th. But before they leave D&P, the guys discuss Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games, whether or not they live up to the hype and how much it costs to grab the gear necessary for this immersive style of gaming. Ian shares his distaste for running amok with a VR headset on in his living room because he's lazy and Samantha and Kirk touch on the gaming episode of, "Black Mirror" and offer to hold Ian's hand if he wants to watch it, which he declines. You can follow the shows on Instagram @dicksandpolitics @its.bro.time and @game.over.podcast and the hosts as listed on www.whateveryousayproductions.com Dicks and Politics is produced by Whatever You Say Productions. WYSP is a female owned and operated production company out of New York City that produces shows with the collective mindset that everyone should be included in the conversation.  WYSP currently has six podcasts and two web series.


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