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Bravo's Daryn Carp & The Bees of Notre Dame

This week Samantha and Aurora are joined by Bravo’s Daryn Carp to discuss the Mueller Report, Notre Dame, Coachella, Climate Change protests in the United Kingdom, and Daryn’s two shows; “Martinis and Murder” and “Tiny Talk Show.” The hosts delve into varied topics such as what happens when Trump leaves office, and why the Fire Festival was such a big deal. Kitlas is back to give us the scoop on this week’s sports news.You won’t want to miss this episode!

The show this week starts with, “What’s Burning” and this it is jam packed with information! Our hosts begin by discussing the famed Mueller Report and the repercussions of said report. In all 450 pages there is no solid proof of crimes committed by President Trump but neither is there proof of innocence. Daryn uses this jumping point to get into how the left needs to unify for this upcoming election if they want Trump out of office. Then they discuss what life might look like for Trump after he leaves office, if he doesn’t squat that is! After this, we discuss the tragedy of Notre Dame. Luckily, there were no fatalities and the 200,000 bees that were being kept on the roof survived! Our hosts delve into what this means for the people of France and how it will bring work to local artisans who have been studying beautiful architecture for years. To wrap up this segment we go to Aurora to discuss the climate change protests that are happening in the United Kingdom organized by a new movement called Extinction Rebellion. Although the protests are happening day and night police have been authorized to use the full force of the law to keep transportation moving and daily life as normal as possible.

Next up is, “Hashtag, Hashtag” where our hosts get into the topic of Coachella, or as Daryn calls it, “The whitest thing on earth.” As usual there were millions of outrageous looks and fantastic performances. Samantha gives us the 411 on Ariana Grande’s performance where she brought out Diddy, Mase, Nicki Minaj, and *NSYNC minus Justin. According to Samantha this is one performance you don’t want to miss! Next up our lovely hosts discuss Beyonce’s documentary on bringing, “Black Culture” to Coachella and whether or not she’s releasing it at the right time. Finally, Aurora gives us the impression the UK has of Coachella...they don’t really care. To wrap up this segment they dive into the huge flop/scam of Fire Festival and how the “organizer” is doing today.

To round out the show we catch up with Daryn Carp and discuss her latest projects, “Martinis and Murder” and “Tiny Talk Show.” She fills us in on what “Tiny Talk Show” is all about and how she’s able to keep it light on “Martinis and Murder.” She is certainly a highly talented woman and we’re happy to welcome her back to the show!

To close out the show we welcome back Mike Kitlas who discusses all things sports with Samantha. To start off they discuss the NFL Draft, happening this Thursday and Friday. They dive into the changes with the Oakland Raiders welcoming John Gruden back from retirement for a ten year contract and speculate on who they’re going to picking with their multitude of first round picks. Then they talk about Kyler Murray, Josh Rosen, and Daniel Jones. Finally, they wrap it up discussing the Arizona Cardinals.

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