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Arrogance, Wealth, and Politics

Sam and Aurora take over the final episode of season three before heading off for summer break. They discuss Trump’s visit to North Korea, the Democratic debate, and then get in depth about the drama with Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun, and Kim Kardashian rebranding her new line of clothing due to cultural appropriation. They discuss the makeup moguls of today who, with the exception of Jeffree Star, are all frauds. It’s all right here, At The Newsstand.

Sam and Aurora kick off this episode by discussing their summer break plans; Sam is going to be working on our two new shows: “Fifi’s Funhouse” and “Allow Me to Trans-late” while Aurora will be enjoying weekend trips and capping it off with a holiday in Scotland. From there they jump right into the important news of the day on, “What’s Burning” where they start with talks of Trump being the first sitting United States President to visit North Korea. To Sam, this is a big momentous occasion with hopes of collaboration for a better future. Aurora sees this as a step forward as well, although she views it realistically with hopes that Trump does not agree with Kim Jong Un and his policies. From there, our hosts progress to talk of the Democratic debate. Of course you can’t discuss the Democratic party without mentioning the amount of candidates running this term, so much so that the debates spanned two nights. Our hosts discuss the topics of the debates and their personal views on these topics such as, student loan reform and universal healthcare. They then give their opinions on specific candidates. Both hosts agree that the Democrats need to get in line and follow a specific and strong candidate. You don’t want to miss this politically charged segment.

Next up is, “Hashtag, Hashtag” with news of Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun. Scooter Braun recently bought the rights to Taylor’s music back catalog. This is, according to Taylor Swift, her worst case scenario as Scooter allegedly bullied her in the past. Taylor Swift posted about this drama which of course brought out retaliation from Justin Bieber who defended Scooter Braun, his manager. Our hosts get into Taylor’s history in the music business and how it relates to today’s drama. From there they transition into Kim Kardashian news. Kim is coming out with a new line of shapewear that she was calling, “Kimono.” She has since come out stating she will change the name after being accused of cultural appropriation. Talk of course, turns to the whole Kardashian clan and Kylie Jenner. Our hosts speculate that Kylie is simply a figurehead for her cosmetic company, rather than being involved with creation of the products. Jeffree Star on the other hand, is involved in the lab work and total creation of his makeup lines. Aurora then gives us insight into British celebrities like Zoella. If you want Hollywood news, this is the place to be!

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