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Ariel Sinclair Comes to Play

FiFi’s Funhouse is a show hosted by NYC Drag superstar FiFi DuBois, where she invites her guests into her funhouse to discuss gay culture, Drag, and more times than not ... Disney.

For the first time ever the doors to FiFi’s Funhouse are officially opened! Join FiFi and her special guest Ariel Sinclair as they explore the funhouse and prepare for the 4th of July Pines Invasion! On this episode the queens discuss Fire Island, Drag culture, Disney and more!!!

Welcome to the first episode of Fifi’s Funhouse! This week, Fifi DuBois is joined by Ariel Sinclair to discuss all things drag. They start the show off with a bit of history about the 4th of July Invasion of the Pines which celebrates the first time drag customers were allowed into a restaurant in one of the more affluent communities of Fire Island. Then they get into all things Disney; their favorite and least favorite movies, their favorite villains, favorite Disney merchandise, and which Disney park they like the best. They also give a rundown on what Disney Bounding is, spoiler: it’s when adults use street clothes to mimic a Disney character without being in costume. Finally, they get into drag culture, starting with Ariel’s story and moving into what trends are hot and what trends are NOT. To wrap up the show Fifi gives us a rundown of her many titles and what the pageant life is like. Come play in Fifi’s Funhouse for a world of fun and beauty!

WYSP is a female owned and operated company out of NYC that produces each show with the collective mindset that everyone should be included in the conversation. Discover more at www.whateveryousayproductions.com/productions and @wyspllc on Instagram.